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We use the following criteria when considering the components we include here.

--- High quality: All components have been fully tested and verified by our procurement engineering team. We never choose low-end quality components as we understand the quality standard our customers expect.
--- Reliable lead times: Every component shown on the list has been used in at least three production jobs on our internal assembly line. We constantly review our stock levels and liaise with our suppliers to manage any changes in lead times. If there any issues with stock procurement the components will be removed from the list. Many design engineers use online international component suppliers to select the components but from time to time they find that once their design moves to the production phase, they have issues sourcing the components they require or they can be extremely expensive. So why not select the components from our list at the design phase?
--- Great prices: Although we never purchase the cheapest components from Asia, we value every penny the customer pays so we are constantly reviewing and negotiating with our suppliers to get the best possible prices. We have gained a very strong negotiating base with our suppliers as we place over a million pounds of orders for electronic components annually.

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