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PCB Assembly Quote

1. Board Quantity:  (1 to 100)
2. PCB length in mm:   (10 to 500mm)
3. PCB width in mm:   (10 to 500mm)
4. BOM line numbers: [?]   (1 to 200)
5. SMT Components qty: [?]   (0 to 500)
6.Double side SMT: yes no
7. PTH Components qty:   (0 to 500)
8. Service Type: [?] Express UK assembly Standard assembly

Price in GBP(£)
Lead time in Working days:[?]
Lead time---The standard PCB manufacturing + assembly lead time is 4 weeks. Unlike PCB manufacturing service, Quick-teck don’t guarantee the delivery date for manufacturing+assembly service. Last year, the average lead time for this service was 19 working days. Customers can track the PCB manufacturing + assembly job status online. More details about the online tracking service for assembly orders can be found here.
Express UK assembly---Although our China based assembly factory will keep providing the service as normal, in the UK we provide a fast turnaround, low volume PCB circuit assembly service where we assemble your order and despatch in up to 3 days after receipt of PCB's and components. More details can be found here.
Component sourcing---If possible, we strongly suggest using our in stock components for your products. This is the most cost-effectively and quickest way to run the assembly service. Quick-teck keeps over 4000 electronics components in stock. These carefully selected parts are most common used in our Far East factory. The average price for these components is just 80% of Europe suppliers.To check our in stock components, please click here.
Need PCBs too---Get on online quote for PCB manufacturing here. To find out more about the manufacturing and assembly process, check here please.

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